Kidwind is a creative kid who sees possibility in his surroundings. He uses found objects and technology to create his alter ego. With a wind turbine and an assortment of specifically carved blades, KidWind can utilize wind energy to both harness his own power and then dispense his powers.


KidHydro is a natural swimmer, and has the ability to hold her breath underwater for a very long time. She is clad in a black wet suit. The shoulder wheels spin and generate energy when she is moving through the water. Her tanks are full of pressurized water that are connected to nozzles on her webbed gloves. Her tanks also contain a steam generator that, through her nozzles, can propel her through the water at high speeds. Around her waist are water globes that can be used as timed water balloons. Her boots convert to swim fins when needed.


KidSolar is naturally bright, and a talented strategist who formulates patterns and plans. He knows how to create counter strategies. His suit is made of photo voltaic panels that capture sunlight and convert it into electricity that is stored in batteries in his belt. The stored electricity is used to power a system that blasts intense light or distracts opponents with holograms.


KidKinetic is a natural athlete who is one of the most popular kids in school. He is fast, strong and coordinated. His suit is designed to capture the kinetic energy his body produces when he moves. It is stored in the battery pack on his back, and can be directed back to the suit frame to enhance his strength and speed. His padding collects the kinetic energy directed at him and shunts the energy to his pack. His helmet sports a darkened visor and he wears cleats to increase his speed.


Circuit the dog can run very fast. He can wag his tail with such force that he can create a strong enough breeze to power KidWind's systems. When two or more of the KidWind team members plug their systems into the collar (or complete the circuit), it expands into the “Cone of Thunder,” which can amplify his bark and turn it into a sonic blast.